Academic Success

bgch-image6Growing future community leaders and pioneers.

Our Education & Career Development programs prepare our Club kids for success in the professional world. From exploring potential careers and goal setting to developing basic educational disciplines and technological skills, our programs help establish a core set of skills and abilities that our Club members can continue to grow into bright futures.

Power Hour: Making Minutes Count lays the foundation for all of our Education & Career Development programs, providing trained Club professionals and volunteers with resources and strategies to create an engaging tutoring and homework help experience that encourages Club members to become self-directed learners.

Goals for Graduation links our Club kids’ aged 6 to 18 to future aspirations via short-and-long-term academic goals with action plans designed to help them stay on a successful path toward high school graduation and beyond.

Money Matters: Make It Count teaches Club members aged 13 to 18 everything from budgeting and checking accounts to investing, saving, starting a small business and paying for college.

Project Learn reinforces school-based knowledge and skills with fun, academic activities during Club hours that develop cognitive skills —from leisure reading and writing to games like Scrabble.

Career Launch®  helps Club kids aged 13 to 18 determine what they want to be when they grow up. This program guides kids to assess interests and skills, explore career options and make educational choices to help them get there.