Alumni Profile: Meet Michael

Michael Savage is not a stranger to Hartford, or the Boys & Girls Clubs. A member since he was in 4th grade, Savage started his journey with BGCH at West Middle School, and when the Asylum Hill Boys & Girl Club opened in 2004, he was thrilled to be a part of such a monumental moment in the organization’s history. “The Club has changed my life in so many ways,” Savage said. Savage is now a proud college graduate and works as a Student Engagement Specialist at Hartford Public High School, supporting, advocating, and finding resources for teenagers who have trouble navigating through their high school experience. “ Thanks to the support I received at the Club, I went from a youth who was troubled and was disinterested in doing anything positive, to make my mark in my community and change the world,” he said.

Savage credits his pursuit of higher education and his career path to his positive experiences at the Club. “The Club not only provided a safe place for me to after school, it gave me hope, a second home, and it made me feel like I finally belonged. I was given numerous opportunities   to travel outside of Hartford which gave me the chance to experience other lifestyles. I went on hikes, whitewater rafted, and even took a trip to Disneyland,” he said. “I took my education seriously and was provided with tutors who helped me when I hit obstacles and wanted to give up. It was the positive mentors in my corner who encouraged me to the best me I could be. They were the driving force to obtain my college degree from Southern Connecticut State University in 2013,” Savage recalled.

After college, Savage pursued his passion for helping people as a Therapeutic Foster Care Social Worker, working and inspiring disenfranchised youth find their voices, and a home where they belonged. Now working for Hartford Public Schools, Savage feels blessed to be living and working in the community where he grew up. “I am a product of my environment. Anything is achievable with the right team of support, hard work and dedication. I want people to believe in themselves and know that they are a valued member of society, no matter their background.”

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Boys & Girls Clubs of Hartford condemns any act of racism or discrimination. We advocate for youth to have the same opportunities and encourage young people to harness the power of their voice. We believe it is critical for us to speak up and take action.

As a city, we can and must demand change to support black people and anyone who faces, systemic prejudices. Together we must listen and take action To ensure the future is great for the millions of kids that are counting on us.
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BGCH condemns racism/discrimination.We advocate 4 youth to have the same opportunities & encourage the power of voice. We must demand change to support systemic prejudices. 2gether we ensure the future is great for the millions of kids that are counting on us.

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