Southend Club Project

New Southend Club Capital Campaign opening doors.


South End Club Campaign Committee
From left to right: Sam Gray, president and CEO, BGCH; Christopher Swift, chair of the BGCH Capital Campaign (Chairman & CEO, The Hartford); Alan Kreczko, chair of BGCH board of trustees; Gregory Davis, club alumni, member of BCGH board.

Nationwide, but not citywide

For over 150 years we’ve been opening doors for youth who need us most. Although the national Boys & Girls Clubs movement began here in Hartford in 1860, today, we’re unable to reach many of the children who need us most in our city. Nearly one-third of Hartford’s school children live in the Southend, yet we do not have a Club in that part of Hartford.

Opening a new door for 1500 youth

The new Club will serve an additional 1,500 children in the city’s southeast corridor. The new Southend Club will help fill a desperately needed gap in the community by giving kids a safe place to learn and grow during the critical after school hours from 3-9 pm.

Without the new Southend Club:

  • We cannot offer 1500 kids a safe, nurturing after-school alternative to the streets.
  • We cannot give 1500 kids a better chance to graduate high school and go to college.
  • We cannot guide 1500 kids’ on the path to becoming responsible adults.

Yes, we can open that door. Here’s how:

For more information, please click here to reach Sam Gray, President and CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hartford.



Boys & Girls Clubs eyes Burr School lot for $20M #Hartford facility

This will change the lives of so many kids who have not had access to the @BGCHartford programs. Thank you to all who have lead this initiative.