College & Career Center

Take a look at our NEW College & Career Center!

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Photo Credit: Associated Press

On June 28, 2017, our Asylum Hill location was the first to reveal a new College & Career Center as a part of a national launch by Boys & Girls Clubs of America, thanks to a $3 million founding partner donation from The Hartford to fund 30 College & Career Centers in Boys & Girls Clubs across the U.S. in the next three years.. This center will provide teen Club members with opportunities to explore various career paths in preparation for a successful future after high school.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America  and The Hartford, a company well-recognized for helping people and businesses prepare for the unexpected and prevail through life’s challenges and opportunities, teamed up to advance the next generation’s workforce and give deserving teens access to relevant and inspiring resources as they plan their futures. The partnership allows BGCA to grow and enhance the organization’s Workforce Development program which provides guidance in four key areas:  Career Exploration and Matching, First-Job Skills Development, Work-Based Learning Experiences and Planning for the Future.

This year, a total of 10 cities, including Hartford, will launch a new College and Career Centers at local Boys & Girls Clubs. The additional nine cities include: Lawrenceville, N.J.; Kansas City, Mo.; Green Bay, Wis.; Carson, Calif.; San Francisco, Calif.; Oxnard, Calif.; Fort Worth, Texas; Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Memphis, Tenn.

For more information about our College & Career Center, please contact Brenda Parker.